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Exercise, nutrition and biohacking tools alone did not stop me from experiencing two huge burnout crashes in my life.  One while pregnant with my second child.  

Throughout this time I ran my own business.  Looking back I wonder how I accomplished anything with the brain fog, exhaustion and moods.      

It was a long road of doctors, specialists and tests that always resulted in nothing found until I finally figured out what our stress system required in order to remain in peak condition.  

Realizing my Police Officer husbands colleagues were struggling like I had I started to help.  With my education and training in the human body, nutrition and mindset, I created a program that included everything that I knew was needed to perform optimally on the job and prevent and reverse burnout beyond exercise, nutrition and the basic biohacking tools. 

In May of 2018, 911 Lifestyle was born where I’ve been working  with First Responders all over North America, UK and Australia as well as speaking nationally for services.    

Covid and the stress it placed on First Responders has been a true test to my program’s success in preventing and reversing burnout for those in service.  

Through the years  I’ve helped those in my entrepreneur coaching and mastermind groups and realized they are experiencing many of the same burnout symptoms I was and brought them into my First Responder program.  

As demand grew and from requests from my colleagues I realized that I needed to create a separate program specific to the stresses that entrepreneurs experience.    I adapted my program for First Responders and Biostresshackers was born.    

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